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Ferme des Chataigniers

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Rue des Châtaigniers, 76116, CATENAY

Ferme des Chataigniers

The Ferme des Châtaigniers (Sweet Chestnut Farm) is a family-run farm that started in 1978. The Molard Family raises cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry and rabbits. The farm products are sold directly to consumers on the farm, in shops and at markets:

Pork, charcuterie (black pudding, sausages, suckling pig, pork escalope, tenderloin, roast, fillet, chops, loin, rillettes, brawn, liver pâté, countryhouse pâté, rabbit pâté, duck pâté, duck rillettes, poultry rillettes, saucisson, ham hock, etc.)

Dairy and other products (butter, cream, eggs, milk, rice, honey, cider, fromage blanc fresh cheese, cow milk cheese, chicken, guinea fowl, duck, duckling, lamb, veal, etc.)

The farm is open to visitors during the shop's opening hours and you will be able to see the numerous farm animals and other surprising ones (ornamental birds, llamas, ostriches, wallabies). Come and see the cows being milked at 5 pm and the veals being fed at 6.30 pm.

The Ferme des Châtaigniers (Sweet Chestnut Farm) organises an open day on the last Sunday of November from 2 pm to 6 pm including old-fashioned threshing, barrel organ, exhibitors, market stalls, etc...

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Opening period

  • From 01 January to 31 December 2024
    Closed : Lundi - Mardi - Mercredi - Jeudi - Dimanche