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The morphology of the landscape of the Trois Vallées region provides varied terrain and numerous and diverse walks. With the plateaus surrounding Rouen, the Pays de Bray cuesta and the Crevon, Héronchelles and Andelle valleys, you can follow numerous hiking trails that go from plateau farmlands and large open spaces to woods, hedgerow framed fields and valleys.

There are more than 200 kilometres (124 miles) of way marked hiking trails to explore!

There are four brochures featuring trail maps and descriptions available at the Tourist Information Centre or to download from the Brochures section of this website.

La Mare David

La Mare David Hiking

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La Croix du Thil

La Croix du Thil Hiking

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Les Hauts Champs

Les Hauts Champs Hiking

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Le Chemin des Cressionnères

Le Chemin des Cressionnères Hiking

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Circuit du Nid du Geai

Circuit du Nid du Geai Hiking

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Le Fossé aux Dames

Le Fossé aux Dames Hiking

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Les Coteaux Vikings

Les Coteaux Vikings Hiking

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Dans les bois...

Dans les bois... Hiking

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Circuit des Châteaux

Circuit des Châteaux Hiking

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La Vallée de l'Héronchelles

La Vallée de l'Héronchelles Hiking

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La Carbonnière

La Carbonnière Hiking

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Au Pays d'Emma Bovary

Au Pays d'Emma Bovary Hiking

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