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Le Marais des Communaux

02 35 65 47 10


Place de l'Église, 76780, ELBEUF-SUR-ANDELLE

Le Marais des Communaux

The Norman Society for the Conservation of Natural Sites invites you to explore an exceptional natural environment! A trail located in a natural setting accessible to everyone allows you to explore the "Marais des Communaux", a wetland area providing an exceptional biodiversity reserve. The path leads you across meadows, reed beds, ponds and woods for one kilometre along which you will be able to observe the typical flora and fauna of wetlands. Butterflies, grasshoppers and even frogs inhabit the site! Take time to watch them from the observation point built by the reed bed. Along the trail, information panels will allow you to get information about this natural heritage site and understand the key role of these wetlands in the balance of the local ecosystem. To learn more about the place, you can also download the mobile app "Au fil de l'Andelle" on your phone or tablet and enjoy a guided tour! The trail is accessible to people with disability (mental, hearing, visual and mobility). People with disability have participated in the making of the site.

Accessibilité handicap moteur Accessibilité handicap mental Accessibilité handicap auditif Accessibilité handicap visuel


Free of charge

Opening period

  • From 01 January to 31 December 2024
Place de l'Église, 76780, ELBEUF-SUR-ANDELLE