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Tourism and Handicap

National recognition

The Tourism and Disability label reflects a commitment to make it easier to welcome disabled people and to improve accessibility. The label rewards efforts in this regard at different public sites.

The Normandie Caux Vexin tourist office is proud of its commitment to the Tourism and Disability initiative.

Our welcome offices are equiped with:

The Buchy Tourist Information Office is currently undergoing certification.

As the building configuration does not allow access to persons with  reduced mobility, arrangements will be made soon. 

The disabled parking space located 20 metres from the entrance and accessible WCs are available in the market buildings, next to the town hall.

Bureau d'Informations Touristiques de Buchy
logo Tourisme et Handicap

The Clères Tourist Information Office is currently undergoing certification. 

Works will be carried out soon to allow disabled access. 

The closest disabled parking space is located 10 metres from the entrance and accessible WCs are located by the Clères Park picnic area.

Bureau d'Informations Touristiques de Clères

The Ry Tourist Information Office is certified at national level for 4 disabilities: physical, visual, hearing and learning difficulties.

To make it easier for disabled visitors to access, a reserved parking space is located 5 metres from the entrance and accessible WCs are available.

Bureau d'Informations Touristiques de Ry

Our reception staff are undergoing training to welcome disabled individuals and will be delighted to help you and advise you on our region’s offering.

For more information in terms of access, the contact person is: Tatiana AGUDELO MONGUÍ at 02 35 23 19 90 or by email

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Are you disabled and looking to discover Normandie Caux Vexin? Below is a selection of accessible tourist activities, accommodation and restaurants. Please contact us for personalised advice!

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