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The dovecotes

The dovecotes

You will often see them in farmyards or in the vicinity of chateaux and manor houses. Until 1789 and the abolition of the Dovecote Right (droit de colombier), dovecotes were the privilege of lords and they often used to be round.

To explore :

  • the dovecote of Bois-Héroult
  • the dovecote of Bois-d'Ennebourg
  • the dovecote of Bosc-Guérard-Saint-Adrien
  • the dovecote of Catenay
  • the dovecote of Claville-Motteville
  • the dovecote of the Martainville castle
  • ​the dovecote of the Fossé in Mont-Cauvaire
  • ​the dovecote of the manor of Mont-Landrin in Frichemesnil
  • the dovecote of Morgny la Pommeraye castle​
  • ...  ​