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The valleys

Five rivers flow through the five Valleys area: the Cailly, the Clerette, the Crevon, the Heronchelles and the Andelle. They shape the most traditional landscapes of the region and provide exceptional views of the countryside and ideal settings to relax. Walking, cycling and horse riding are great ways to explore these valleys. 

Madame Bovary

The village of Ry is renowned for its relation to one of the most stunning novels of French literature, Madame Bovary (1856) written by Gustave Flaubert.

Historic villages

In the heart of our valleys, villages boast a rich heritage for you to discover. It can be their church or chapel, but also other heritage attractions like houses, dovecotes, bread ovens, watermills and even surprising buildings such as the phalanstery in Ry.

Church porches

Some small country churches have porches, a typical feature of the region. They were used to protect the church's main entrance and to welcome people who were not allowed inside the church, mostly non-christened and excommunicated people.

Virtual tours

Normandie Caux Vexin provides a unique way to explore some heritage sites and attractions. An experience that will make you want to visit them in real life!