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The watermills

The watermills

The five rivers the Cailly, the Clerette, the Crevon, the Heronchelles and the Andelle are dotted with many watermills.

  • Along the river Cailly:

​The private watermills in Saint-Germain-sous-Cailly and Fontaine-le-Bourg, the watermill of Notre-Dame-de-Bondeville with the industrial museum : Musée Industriel de la Corderie Vallois​

  • Along the river Clérette :

The private watermill of Clères takes place in "hameau du Tôt" and homes to an art gallerie​

  • Along the river Crevon:

The watermill located in the hamlet of Crevon in Blainville-Crevon, made of a timber frame and "St Jean" bricks is unique thanks to its large paddle wheel with narrow paddles.
The Videcoq Watermill (1605), made ofbricks and located in the centre of Blainville-Crevon, was named after its miller (1931-1964). It is the most impressive watermill in the valley. Renovated and remodelled several times over the years, the wheel has been replaced at the beginning of the 20th century by a turbine that provided electricity to whole building.
The watermill in Ry, built with bricks, dates back to the 19th century.

  • Along the river Héronchelles:

The watermill in Héronchelles (1850) is original due to the way the paddle makes the wheel rotate. It is the weight of the water falling in the buckets that makes the wheel rotate. Thanks to a clever pumping system, this watermill allowed Buchy to be the first market town to have access to drinking water as early as 1889 and until 1974.
The watermill in Rebets, now a farm, used to belong to a chateau that no longer exists. It used to provide flour and ground cereals to the whole region.

  • Along the river Andelle:

The church's watermill in Elbeuf-sur-Andelle