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The Marais des Communaux wetland: Elbeuf-sur-Andelle

Phone number
02 35 65 47 10

Entre l'église et la pisciculture
76780 Elbeuf-sur-Andelle

Conservatoire d'Espaces Naturels Normandie Seine

The Marais des Communaux wetland: Elbeuf-sur-Andelle

The access to the wetland is located on the path between the church and the trout farm.

The trail is located in a natural setting and allows visitors to explore the "Marais des Communaux", a wetland area with remarkable biodiversity. The path leads you across meadows, reed beds, ponds and woods for one kilometre along which you will be able to observe the typical flora and fauna of wetlands.

  • 1 km long trail  / 1 hour walk
  • Accessible for people with reduced mobility with passing spaces every 80 metres (262 ft.)
  • 2 resting areas and observation points
  • Tactile paving and relief guidance system



Plus points

The mobile app "Au fil de l'Andelle” (Following the river Andelle) allows you to follow a guided tour.

Scan the QR code to download it on your Smartphone.